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The Importance of Entrepreneurs: Insights from the World and National Economy

Business Booster Sofia is one of the first organizations to offer entrepreneurship courses with world class quality in Bulgaria free of charge. TIE (The importance of Entrepreneurs) course is the first of the two-course series in the educational program offered by the Business Booster Sofia.

This is the fifth year since program was launched and it is aimed at students who want to achieve something significant in their career and are not afraid of working hard to make it happen.

The course is open to all  students from all faculties, universities, schools and years of study. The only enforced requirement is sufficient English knowledge and open mindset.

The TIE course is concerned with two key questions: Why are some countries so rich and others so poor? And what can be done to change that? A good understanding of the process of economic growth will help the future engineers spot easily the opportunities for innovations. Understanding the world trend of economic development will make the engineers much more creative as entrepreneurs and highly respected employees.

To apply send us an email to; with (1) your motivation to be an entrepreneur and why you want to join in our program and (2) sort resume about you. Alternatively you can fill the form on the right.

Deadline for application: Extended to 28 October 2016, 11:00 p.m.
Course starts: 31 October 2016
Location: Harvard Hall @ Sofia University St. Kl. Ohridski
Duration: 12 Weeks
Time: Every Monday and Wednesday from 18:30

The course is free of charge!

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