ET 2016

The Entrepreneurs’ Toolkit:  The basics you need to know, when you start up

The Entrepreneurs’ Toolkit ( ET ) course is designed to give to the participants the most important knowledge that is needed when starting a business.

The program is for open-minded people, who have the entrepreneurial spirit and are motivated to gain some high quality knowledge.

The course is open to all engineering students from all faculties and years of study. The only enforced requirement is sufficient English knowledge.

ET answers most of the questions concerning how to start and develop your own business. Topics like funding opportunities, market validation, industry analyses and etc. are discussed in the course. The participants are encouraged to form teams, or work on their own, on projects which develop in parallel with the lectures.

At the end of the semester, the participants are supposed to have clear idea, about a potential business, which they would like to develop. Afters 3 months of work on students ideas, they are encouraged to present it in front of potential investors and continue working on their idea(s).

ET gives the participants solid background for their future entrepreneurial career and also helps them integrate in the entrepreneurial society, which is formed in Bulgaria in the last years

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