TIE 2017

The Importance of Entrepreneurs: Insights from the World and National Economy

TIE (The importance of Entrepreneurs) course is the first of the two-course series in the educational program offered by the Business Booster Sofia.

The program organized for fourth time and is focused on engineers who want to achieve something significant in their career and are not afraid of working hard to make it happen.

The course is open to all engineering students from all faculties and years of study. The only enforced requirement is sufficient English knowledge.

The TIE course is concerned with two key questions: Why are some countries so rich and others so poor? And what can be done to change that? A good understanding of the process of economic growth will help the future engineers spot easily the opportunities for innovations. Understanding the world trend of economic development will make the engineers much more creative as entrepreneurs and highly respected employees.

In this semester, we aim to go through the way given countries developed and outline the most important factors that contributed to their growth. We point out how some of the world most famous companies developed and how the entrepreneurial activity of their founders played important role in the world history. Can world-wide companies emerge from Bulgaria? How should we think of the roles that technological change and innovation play? Are countries ultimately dependent on a few gifted entrepreneurs – the Bill Gates and Richard Bransons – to bring about growth and prosperity?

This course is unique in that we give world class knowledge of economics all adopted for engineering students by engineers . The course consists of two introductory lectures and case studies about successful companies and countries, which we find applicable for open-minded engineers with passion about self-development.

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